About 'Life of an Econ Student'

This is my old blog made new. Over the years, I've used it for a variety of reasons, currently giving it another shot.

#LifeOfAnEconStudent is a hashtag I've been using on instagram for ages, but nobody ever picked up on it, so I'm shamelessly claiming it for my own. Whenever I posted pics about studying, what I was doing and things generally unrelated to the academic nature of studying, I tended to call it Life of An Econ Student. That's very much what this blog is about: commenting on what's going on, what happens outside of the classroom - simply another student ranting about life, lectures, classes and occasionally on economic issues. Quite often do I venture into economic disputes, occasionally far away from Econ. I apologise in advance to those readers whose interests don't align with mine.

These days I tend to use this space as a monthly summary of all my writing. Up-to-date publications are found here.

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