Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Restart In Every Sense But One

Welcome to Life of an Econ Student!

This is an old blog of mine I have finally taken the effort to re-structure, re-organise and fill with new content. All the old texts are still available via Archive (though admittedly, they're mostly in Swedish)

#LifeOfAnEconStudent is a hashtag I've been using on instagram for ages, but nobody ever cared much for it, so I'm now considering it my own.

Me and Blogging go way back and our relationship has very much been on and off. Best of lovers to worst of enemies and back, all with different themes and different inputs, from minimalist-environmentalist-living to collection of articles, to random thoughts and...
political discussions.

This time around me and ze bloggin' are trying a different kind of approach; common things, what happens in and around the hours spend with numbers, economic statistics, ideas and models. About life in lovely Sydney, about exam anxiety, finding jobs, balancing life and all the lovely food I cook from time to time. Simply said, just another student ranting about life, lectures, classes and if you're lucky perhaps some academic contents from time to time.

Why again? And why now? Timing issue is spelt EXAM PERIOD - no big surprise there. Partly I want a short distraction from what I should be doing (studying, working, cleaning etc), partly this is a way for me of keeping in touch with those people that once touched my heart - the ones I never have enough time to talk to, to catch up with, to enjoy life with.

This is for you guys.

Joakim Book

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