Tuesday 30 June 2020

Publications, June

Summer is here, and here's this month's breakdown. For more news about my publications, follow my work on Authory and on Twitter.

American Institute for Economic Research
  • [2] 'The Environmentalist's Dream Came True', where I made the commonsense point that despite the largest closure of commercial society in peacetime, emissions did not fall very much. Certainly not enough for environmentalists' most aggressive dreams to be achievable. The craziest experiment they've mused on for years was tried  nobody liked it, and we had almost no positive green changes to show for it. Let's not have more where that came from. 
  • [3] 'Can We Talk About Something Else Now?', another corona rant. Yes, I'm sick of it. Other things matter too  can we please return to talk about those? Zoom out, people. Read a book. Educate yourself. Stop obsessing over this silly virus.  
  • [4] 'Are Humans Naturally Nice?', my review of Rutger Bregman's Humankind: A Hopeful History. This was one of the books I singled out as must-reads for 2020 and I was super excited to finally get my hands on it. But oh, so disappointed. I love the message, I love the writing, the stories, the take-down of famous psychology experiments  but the history sucks. And the econ is absurd. Which made me think the epic things I liked, all in fields I know next-to-nothing about, were perhaps equally sh*t...?
  • [5] 'Don't Mention the Virus', yes, another one. I know, I know, but now I was reflecting over the strange wording I'm increasingly experiencing. People go out of their ways not to mention the virus, but only hint at it. How odd. Are we afraid of it? Sick of it? Afraid that someone else might be out-of-this-world tired of hearing about it?

  • [6] 'Somewhere I Belong – But That's None of Your Business', a much more extensive -- and hostile  review of David Goodhart's book. I really was not happy with a number of things in his book: how is it really any of your concern that your local supermarket sells polish food?
  • [7] 'My Library is Still Sexist', a tongue-in-cheek provocative piece on my reading habits  a follow-up and update to a more incinerating piece from a few years ago. Yes, my growing library is heavily male; and no, that's not a problem. 


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