Thursday, 31 March 2016

Various Readings and Tassie Adventures

As I noted in my last post, my current Easter Break reading is McCloskey in anticipation of her much-awaited last piece in the Bourgeois Era series. But the wonders of the blogosphere keep producing interesting reads even though my attention is elsewhere. Here's an extract of news and great reasoning:

One of my favorite non-economist authors Johan Norberg has revealed a movie project on Adam Smith that he's been working on. Very exciting indeed!

The rumours of Bryan Caplan's The Case Against Education were true indeed, and it will be published next year (there's a lecture on YouTube). Maybe Caplan's story is stronger than mine?

California and the lunacy of $15 minimum wage continues. God have mercy on my soul! Luckily, there's still some reason left in the world - and even massive left-leaning economists are skeptical of this 50% increase in MinWage. Economic experimentalism of the worst kind.

I stumbled across Frezza's article on Greece from last year, comparing the crisis country to New Zealand, arguing that the Kiwi success story could work for Greece.

Lastly, beautiful words from Lawrence Reed's letter to Statists from more than a decade ago:

You see almost any shortcoming in the marketplace as a reason for government to get bigger, but you rarely see any shortcoming in government as a reason for it to get smaller.

Over and out, from a cold but magnificent Tasmania!

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