Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sydney Uni "Riots" and Fee Deregulation

Last night, a group of 30-40 Sydney University students enacted a protest against so-called Fee Deregulation at one of the busiest libraries on campus. The political question itself is rather irrelevant since tuition fees matter very little, but has to do with whether or not universities, as stand-alone entities (though heavily government-funded) are to control the prices of their products (tuition fees) to a larger degree than they currently do.

But what really made the headlines was the riot and the violence erupting when police was called to Fisher library to dispose of the students. For more details and video, see here and here.

In short, what caused these students to be so upset, so traumatised and feeling like "they had no choice" but to cry out their left-wing propaganda about confiscating other people's incomes and what it should be used for and yell profanities - was the presence of a person. Woah, one might think, some really horrible person must have been invited to speak, then. These are smart students at a top-whatever schools, they must have reasons to object to strongly, right?

It turns out Education Minister Simon Birmingham, was there. His crime? He had recently uttered a few words in public about potential fee deregulation, and was visiting the University for a Liberal Club event last night. Not even publicly speaking or making a case for university fee hikes or genocide or burning innocent children or even election campaigning. Visiting a club. Who had invited him. Visiting. People who wanted to listen to him. In a room. Visiting.

That was too much for these feeble little millennials whose preciously vulnerable minds require safe spaces and trigger warnings and whose University Unions outlaw sarcasm because it may hurt someone's emotions. A protest was required, of course. But not on the university lawn as usual or in some abandon building where nobody would mind them, but inside the Fisher Library, where thousands of students were studying. Yelling their propaganda and aggressive slogans, they refused to obey the security guards' sensible instructions to leave the premises. Eventually, police was called and had to physically remove the students from inside the library. I was even told the library was vacated and closed for the evening - to the detriment of any proper student trying to get some decent work done.

At which point these terribly feeble rosebuds have the audacity to say they were "heavily traumatised by the police action".

Slowly read these sentences again. Students don't like politician because of word he said. Students feel upset that politician physically is on the premises. Students conclude that they have a right, a commitment and a divide mission to cry out their discontent amidst thousands of other students. Police physically remove angry students - and the angry students are the traumatised victims here?!

And these are the brightest and smartest young persons in the country?

Get me the hell out of here. And get me an aspirin.

If you sympathise with these nutheads, if you are inclined to feel for them, if you are even slightly connected to these incredibly fragile bumblebees, please lock them up in a padded cell complete with cranberry juice and ponies. Then grow the fuck up, cut your ties with these imbeciles, show some proper respect for everybody else and immediately delete any relationship with yours truly.

Rant over.

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