Sunday, 1 January 2017

Summarizing 2016

It's that time of year, and I thought I'd make a brief note of how 2016 turned out.  
  • I have written about 8 university essays, including around half a dissertation. 
  • I posted 28 articles and blogs on, of much varied quality, as well as 102 blog posts on Life of an Econ Student.
  • Read something like 85 journal articles or chapters in academic books.
  • Read at least 11 academic books in full, and on average probably halfway through another 5-6 books (among which are McCloskey, Shaikh, Mokyr, King)
  • The only fiction I managed to read this year was all four books of the Inheritance series (about Eragon and his dragon Saphira), which I devoured in a week or so. #PostExamDestress
  • Judging by my library history, I have taken out about 90 books from the university library (both Sydney and Glasgow).
  • I spent about £250 on books and £320 on clothes (continuing the strange trend from last year when spending on clothes exceeded spending on books); little over £3000 on food/drinks, about £5000 on rents and about £4000 on various trips
  • I added 220 new songs to my Spotify playlists, 2 new countries and 1 American state to my list and in total 16 flights.
There were quite a few goals for 2016 that I did not achieve and I'm particularly upset that I haven't finished (or even started) reading some of the most important econ books last year. In my defense, these last few months have, for various reasons, probably been my least productive ones since starting uni. And the holidays are best described by one word: dissertation.

On the upside, I have seen some quite amazing things, met wonderful people, learned important things and generally had quite a decent year. Here is my favorite picture from 2016, an absolutely stunning sunset from Lincoln's Rock in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Enjoy!

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