Monday, 14 January 2019

Recent Publications, May-December

Here are some of my recent writings at various outlets:

Sound Money Defense League 1st prize essay competition:
Nov 2018: 'Free Banking and the Bagehot Defence'

Notes on Liberty (my page)

May 2018: 'Economists vs the Public'

Sept 2018: 'Are Swedish University Tuition Fees Really Free?'

Oct 2018: 'Do you have Silver?'

Oct 2018: 'The Capitalist Peace: What Happened to the Golden Arches Theory?'

Nov 2018: 'The Factual Basis of Political Opinions'

Nov 2018: 'Innovation and the Failure of the Great Man Theory'

Jan 2019: 'In Defense of Not Having a Clue'

Mises.Org (my bio)
May 2018: 'Conceived in Disgrace: The 350th Anniversary of the Creation of the Bank of Sweden'

Nov 2018: 'Coffee Sellers Are Not Fundamentally Different From Banks'

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