Friday, 31 May 2019

Publications, May

May has been an interesting and an altogether decent month. My Mr. Darcy piece got translated into Spanish and published in the Mexican magazine  Letras Libres; together with my other Financial Instrument piece from April, it remains the most read piece on Notes for the last month admittedly during two rather slow months among my fellow Note-writers.

Notes On Liberty: (see all my posts here)

American Institute for Economic Research (all my pieces here)

Mises Institute (all my pieces here)
  • 'Central Banks' Forecasts Are Basically Garbage', another very click-baity title included some serious content: why is it that the numerous forecasts of ECB, the Fed and the Riksbank have been so unidirectionally wrong in recent years? Oh, and in the nature of financial animals, I launch the term "Hedgehog Graphs" to describe this tendency.

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